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A Data Warehouse serves as a centralized repository for all your business data. Its advantages over other types of data storage lie in its ability to store data from various sources. For instance, data from social media, marketing activities, CRM software, ERP, and more can be integrated, enabling real-time access. This allows for the retrieval of information to identify trends and customer preferences.


INDA is a leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions in Vietnam. As a premier partner with Oracle, Google, Microsoft, and Tableau, we assist businesses in constructing a high-performance Data Warehouse.Simultaneously, we support the deployment of Data Warehouse in the cloud, helping to build a solution that is:

  • Easily scalable
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick to launch and operate
  • Optimized for analysis
  • Resource-efficient

INDA's Data Warehouse Implementation Services Include:

Data Warehouse Consultation:

INDA’s experts provide guidance to clients in establishing new, improving, or upgrading existing Data Warehouse solutions for businesses. We assist with:

  • Designing a new Data Warehouse solution: We design a comprehensive solution that meets the business’s needs by conducting departmental interviews, analyzing the current infrastructure, and examining stored data sources and types
  • Proposing storage solutions such as Cloud-based Data Warehousing, on-premise, or hybrid
  • Designing data integration strategies
  • Providing advice on data quality management methods
  • Recommending the best-suited accompanying technologies

Data Warehouse Development :

We execute data modeling and deploy the Data Warehouse or implement a comprehensive solution that includes building a Data Lake, Data Warehouse, ELT processes, and OLAP cubes. To meet time and budget requirements, we apply suitable programming lifecycle models such as Iterative, Incremental, Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall.

Data Warehouse Support:

Our support activities are aimed at ensuring that your Data Warehouse maintains a foundation for valuable insights. Key ETL processes operate accurately, data quality management is applied, and KPIs are calculated sensibly. We perform the following:


  • Provide data management services: We establish rules to ensure clean and accurate data. This includes adding new data sources, loading new data, and adjusting ETL processes
  • Monitor the performance and capacity of the Data Warehouse, including query runtime, accuracy of data transformations, and data backups
  • Address any arising issues

Moving Data Warehouse to Cloud:

We assist businesses in migrating on-premise data warehouses to the cloud (Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure). Insight Data will survey and provide the best migration strategies for clients. You can move all data or opt for a hybrid solution, where crucial data remains on-premise and other data is stored in the cloud. We help clients:


  • Develop a migration strategy and plan
  • Provide the most suitable Cloud services
  • Configure cloud clusters to optimize costs
  • Rebuild the data warehouse on the new platform
  • Migrate master data and metadata to the new data warehouse
  • Verify data integrity after a successful migration

Benefits of implementing Data Warehouse

The Impact and Benefits of Using Data Warehouse and BI Solutions for Businesses:

1.Comprehensive Business Insight:

A Data Warehouse consolidates data from various sources into one centralized location, ensuring that high-quality data is readily available for management with minimal search time. Utilizing intelligent reporting solutions like Google Data Studio, Tableau, or PowerBI during data analysis provides analysts with detailed information and excellent answers to questions they might not have considered.

2.Providing Current and Historical Information for Strategic Decision Support:

Historical data is essential for comparing the performance of individuals, departments, or the entire company with actual figures from the past. Data Warehouse offers a complete set of this historical data, encompassing plans and actual operational outcomes.

3.Enterprise-wide Data Quality and Consistency:

The Data Warehouse helps reduce redundant data, filter out unnecessary data, and standardize data collection activities from various sources. This results in a data source system and Data Warehouse that aligns precisely with the requirements of business users, ensuring consistency throughout your business operations.

4.Time Savings:

With numerous operational software in place, businesses can streamline data processing significantly with Data Warehouse. Instead of manually collecting data from each source and cleaning it, Data Warehouse provides a comprehensive solution, making data processing much faster than before.

5.Enhancing Business Competitive Edge:

Data Warehouse provides an environment for managers and leaders to analyze and understand data accurately, guiding strategic decisions for targeting the right customers, products, and timing. This propels your business to new heights, markets, and customer segments.

6.High Return on Investment (ROI):

The time saved for employees, quick management reporting, and improved investment efficiency make Data Warehouse the investment with the highest ROI, according to evaluations and recommendations from various organizations.

7.Empowering Managers to Confidently Forecast Business Activities:

Managers can confidently predict next year’s planned production figures, monthly or quarterly allocations, pricing for each item over specific periods, expansion of sales channels, addition of distributors, warehouse placement decisions, and product development strategies in specific regions, among many other questions that need resolution.

8.Improving Process and Decision-making Time for Managers and Leaders:

Digitization of business processes provides digital data to business leaders at the fastest rate. This offers leaders a more comprehensive view, of activities, and related figures, enabling them to quantify their decisions in a digital environment. Collaboration and assurance will undoubtedly cut many redundant activities that do not add value to the business and save time for the enterprise.


Ha Vu Phuong 

Chief Executive Officer

With 12 years of experience in implementing Data Warehouse/BI projects for banks and corporations across various sectors, including notable clients such as TechcomBank, VPBank, SeaBank, SacomBank, SCB Bank, Ngân hàng nhà nước (State Bank), Masan, Mobifone, ABIC, PTI, Vietnam Airlines, ACSV, Vin Commerce, TSG…

A senior expert in Data Governance strategy consulting, concurrently serving as a technology trainer for Oracle, Microsoft, and Google in Vietnam.


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